Oh hey!


I’ve thought about writing a blog for ages. I’ve been reading mum and personal blogs for years. I love reading about other womens’ experiences and perhaps I’m also just a sticky beak who likes knowing about other peoples’ lives? I think I just also like the connection that I feel through them.

But I’m a procrastinator – I have lots of great ideas and just put them off for one reason or another. I think putting lots of personal stuff out there is something that has held me back. But seriously – who is actually going to read this?

I’ve been pretty bad at documenting anything about the first 18 months of mumlife with Milla Plum and her milestones etc. I don’t have a baby book with details written down – unless Instagram counts? So I’ve decided to just begin and start to write down some of my experiences as a new mum, document the last 10 weeks of my second pregnancy and life as a mum of two under two (eek).

So here we go – mostly for myself to remember this time in my life. And for my kiddies to read about themselves as little ones. And if anyone is reading then.. Hi! I hope you find some of this interesting or entertaining or reassuring if you are going through the same things.

H xx

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