Milla is 18 months old!

Dear Milla

Today you are 18 months old! It seriously feels like yesterday that we had your first birthday party. I guess we have hit a bit of a groove now and time is flying.

We’re closer than ever especially now that we are communicating more. You come and cuddle up next to me on the couch to watch your tv shows every day and it’s my absolute favourite. When we ask for a kiss, you wont kiss us but you lean your head forward and let us kiss your forehead. It’s so cute (and an improvement because you used to just stick your hand out for us to kiss).

You are super cheeky and smart. You know when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to and give me the cheekiest little look and continue to do it. It’s the uncle Dan in you.. Finding a way to do something you’re not supposed to!

You’re constantly coming out with new words. You’ve been babbling forever but every day now it sounds more like speech. This morning you were even stringing some words together – “where is shoe?”. And trying to say “twinkle twinkle (little star)”. You also always wave and say “bye bye dee” when TV shows end (we’re not entirely sure what dee is hehe).Β You’re such a delight to listen to.

Every Monday morning you come over to me saying “up” and grab onto my neck to be picked up. It’s because you can hear the garbage truck and we simply must go out and watch it go past. It’s so cute. I didn’t think girls were into trucks. But you are not a super girly girl.. I think you’re going to love having a brother.

I’m cherishing these last couple of months with just the two of us. I feel a little bit sad they are coming to an end. But you’re going to be an awesome big sister and you’ll always be my best girl.

Love you tootie xxx


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