Pregnancy – second time around – 30 weeks

Alternative titles include:
“Pregnancy – reasons why I’m never doing this again”
“Acid Reflux – you heartless wench” 

So I have to start by saying that I have been super lucky to have had a complication free pregnancy so far and also to have fallen pregnant so easily this time around. I know heaps of ladies who have struggled or are struggling to fall. So I am really grateful for this little (super active) boy growing inside me.

I am also blessed to escape some pregnancy side effects like morning sickness, stretch marks and gestational diabetes. But that will not stop me having a whinge about all the other less-than-pleasant pregnancy delights I’m experiencing right now.

Note: this post turned out to just be a big whinge. So some mums may sympathise, people trying to get pregnant should tune out now, and if you are a gal who has no intention of getting pregnant – this will reassure you of your decision 🙂


Acid reflux. Why oh why? I started getting reflux about 30 weeks with Milla, but it made its entrance so much sooner this time – about 20 weeks? I pretty much have to sleep sitting up or my throat is burning with the fire of a thousand suns and I feel like I’m going to throw up. It’s actually really hard to sleep through that. I reckon this is the worst symptom by far. How am I supposed to “get as much sleep as possible before the baby arrives” (most useless piece of advice by the way – can you stockpile sleep?) when the devil reflux wakes me up all night.

Everything hurts. I’m super achy in my bones and muscles. Pretty much anywhere below my boobs and above my knees hurts – back, pelvis, groin, hamstrings and places I’m not even sure what they’re named. It’s a struggle to roll over in bed, get up and even walk some times. I don’t remember it being anywhere near as bad last time! I know it is the baby stretching my body but I’m sure constantly picking up and carrying a 10kg toddler doesn’t help!

Exhaustion. First trimester tiredness was next level. Milla watches quite a bit of TV but she watched even more in those first few months. I was even known to ‘sleep watch’ Hey Duggee with her. Could not even keep my eyes open some days. The severe exhaustion has just started to come back now at 30 weeks.

Skin tags. WTF? I’d never even heard of these before pregnancy!

Thrush. Ok perhaps too much info but I had no idea this was a thing as I didn’t get it last pregnancy. But apparently some lucky ladies end up with recurring thrush thanks to pregnancy hormones and the one pill which cures it – oh hey guess what? Not safe to take in pregnancy. This is up there with reflux as worst symptom.

Braxton hicks contractions. I’ve started getting tightenings over the last two weeks which will keep happening right up to birth. They don’t hurt me but they’re quite an intense feeling that take my breath away.

Insomnia. I’ve only had this a few nights so far but I’m sure it’ll happen more frequently in the next 10 weeks. Wide awake for hours in the middle of the night? Yeah super. Thanks body, sleep’s overrated.

Constantly need to pee. Yep that growing baby is starting to put heaps of pressure on the ol’ bladder (as if the last pregnancy/birth didn’t give it enough of a beating). Also little boy is kind enough to give a good football kick to my bladder every now and then. Thanks dude.

Which brings me to little baby kicks. My favourite part of pregnancy! They are such a reassuring feeling knowing that your little one is growing and active and happy in there. But as he gets bigger they are getting more violent, especially when internal organs get in the way. My placenta is at the front this time and I feel like it makes the kicking feeling quite different. Sometimes it feels like my whole front is vibrating – like he’s doing a tap dance on the placenta and it’s wobbling away. So weird!

So it’s safe to say I’m not a great pregnant person. I’m not glowing, or have really great skin and hair. I’m in pain a lot, limping and whinging (it’s pretty really). But it will all be worth it to meet our new little family member in just 10 weeks! I know we’ll go back to living on no sleep – but I can’t wait! Bring it! (and my body back please!)


Getting a little bit of sunshine with my bebes at 30 weeks preggo
Getting a little bit of sunshine with my bebes at 30 weeks preggo

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy – second time around – 30 weeks

  1. Aww, hang in there my love. I’ll help out with Milla minding – so you can have some arvo naps – and anything else.😘


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