Mumlife – the best bits

So after my last rant whinging about pregnancy, I thought I’d lighten the mood and talk about some of the best bits about becoming a Mum. I feel like before you have kids you often only hear about all the hard stuff which comes with having kids. Going through child birth, lack of sleep, no social life, changing nappies, lack of sleep, getting spewed on, endless crying, toddler tantrums, lack of sleep etc etc. Look, they’re all very valid complaints. Believe me, I’ve done the research. But here are a few of my thoughts which might help to balance out all the crap!

  1. They’re bloody cute. Now, I was never into babies or kids in general for that matter. I would never gush over a cute baby or get all clucky seeing a newborn. But something magical happens when you birth your own offspring. They are automatically the cutest thing that ever existed. I used to say “I don’t know how our baby could possibly be cuter than Tabby or Tiggy (the cats)” but you know what? Milla is totally cuter. Maybe it’s seeing my husband in her, or the reflection of myself? Ha!
  2. Watching them learn and develop new skills. It is amazing to be able to see how a human learns how to human. And when they master a new skill, you can’t help but feel all kinds of pride and “wow, we made that”.
  3. You get to see the world through a tiny person’s eyes and appreciate it in a new way. Sounds clichéd, but you get to re-learn the world with your kid and that’s pretty awesome.
  4. The kisses and cuddles. So at times when you have a really clingy baby or toddler, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and a little claustrophobic. But when your little bubba just needs a hug from you to make everything better, or they hold your hand to drag you somewhere they want to go or they just come and cuddle with you on the couch – there is no better feeling. Being a little person’s safe place is actually pretty wonderful.
  5. Hearing your little person learning to talk. Ok this is one of the absolute best things. Little baby babbling is cute, but when you hear your toddler attempting to speak in actual words and string them together to tell you something, you can’t help but “awwwww!”. It is so sweet – another proud mum moment (even though Milla says Heeeeey Duggee and won’t say Mumma) :/
  6. Giggling. When Milla has bath time with daddy and all I hear are her sweet little laughs, I just melt.
  7. Just getting to know this new little human and all the quirks to their personality. Milla makes me laugh every day with her weird little ways. Just an absolute delight (when she’s not being a tantrumming terror ;))
  8. Seeing Miles and Milla together. In some ways they’re so similar, but also so different. It’s easy to let the pressure of parenthood put a strain on your relationship – sleep deprivation can turn you into a beast. But seeing the man you love care so lovingly for your little person, and pick up the slack for you when you’re having the shittest of shit days, just makes you love him even more.

Convinced yet? Ok here is a bloody cute pic to prove my point 🙂

Just ignore the mess. This is situation normal.

2 thoughts on “Mumlife – the best bits

  1. Love this post! So nice to hear about these beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing. And I know from experience what a treasure little Milla is to hang out with. She’s so confident and strong and her joyfulness is infectious. xxx


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