Newborn baby stuff – The List!

When I was pregnant with Milla, I used to pore over all the pregnancy and newborn must-haves posts and lists that I would find online. I needed to know all of the things! And what stuff I simply must have! You can probably get away with very few things with a newborn (a set of boobs, nappies and a swaddle ought to do it), but if you are a new mumma-to-be, I hope you enjoy reading this, getting excited about the impending arrival and find some useful stuff here.

Love to dream swaddle – these things are amazing. A simple muslin wrap has its place, but when you’re changing a nappy at 2am, these things are the shit. Get a few of them (because: poo explosions)

Medela breast pump – if you’re lucky you won’t need to use this very much. But I think most women need an afternoon or night off every now and then so it will come in handy. Lucky me was attached to one every three hours as I exclusively expressed for 2 months due to my precious girl not being interested in boob. We just had a single one but I would recommend getting the double – time and sleep is precious.

Bottle drying rack -this one I discovered reading Zoe Foster Blake’s blog and we have honestly used it every day. If you’re using bottles – you need one! Also, you can use it post baby bottles for your champagne glasses. It’s win-win.

Baby carrier – we used the Ergo Baby 360 every day but not a whole lot when Milla was newborn. It has a newborn insert but I don’t know if it’s the best carrier for when they’re really little. We also have a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling which we struggled with first time around but I’m determined to get the hang of it this time as I think it’s great for newborn stage. I love baby wearing – I’ve actually really missed carrying Plum since becoming pregnant. She used to nap in the carrier every day 🙂

Bonds zippies – this is probably an obvious one. But when you’re constantly changing your baby, you need easy clothes. It either needs only 3 press-stud buttons or a zip people. Plus the patterns you can buy now are sooo cute. Keep your eye on the Bonds site as they often have sales too.

White noise app – Shushing your baby is actually really exhausting and newborn babies sleep best with white noise (warm cosy womb memories). So download this app to your phone or ipad. You can even just get the free version.

Moo Goo scalp cream – Little bubbas can be prone to cradle cap and Milla had it a fair bit. It even came back as a toddler. But we’ve used this cream a few times again and it clears up so quickly. Highly recommend.

Baby swing – I think people have different opinions about these but we found it really useful in the first 6-8 months. We got it on recommendation from my sister-in-law and Plum hated it until about 8 weeks old when she started to like it and had all her naps in it. It does the rocking for you people! It worked for us so have a think about it.

Pram – Ok choosing a pram is hard. Harder than choosing a car. Again I took my advice from Zoe Foster Blake and we went with a Baby Jogger City Mini GT which has been great. Awesome on all surfaces, really easy to folder and pretty compact. It can lie down flat for newborns but honestly I think the bassinette attachment would have been really good. We just used the attachment which allows you to connect the car capsule (Maxi Cosi).

We’ve had to upgrade however to something that will convert to a double pram as Milla will only be 20 months when her bro arrives. We’ve gone for the Redsbaby Jive Tandem which comes with the bassinette, the second seat and is compatible with the Maxi Cosi capsule! Perfect! I’ve been enjoying it so far but will have to report back once we’ve converted to the double.

One more new item we have this time is a Bubnest. It’s a portable little bed which we thought would be great so that little one can sleep anywhere and feel cosy in his little nest. Newborns pretty much only want to sleep on their mumma, but I think this will be handy to have (once we get through the fourth trimester) especially as I’ll be running after a toddler this time. I’ll report back!

Ok that’s probably enough but here are just a couple more things that mumma might need:

  • Coffee – your life line
  • Chocolate and/or a friend who brings you baked goods – because breastfeeding requires you to be well nourished
  • TOM Organic maternity pads and breast pads – these are the softest pads I have ever used. Your lady bits will thank you for choosing them
  • Lansinoh and Hydrogel discs (keep these in the fridge!) – if you are breastfeeding, you will need these. At least to start with. I can’t report more than about 3 weeks experience with boob feeding.
  • Pep start eye cream – I’m currently using this and I love it. Believe me, it will help you look like you’re still a human.
  • Coles delivery – aint nobody got time for grocery shopping.
  • Netflix – if this is your first baby, enjoy all the tv series you can. Unfortunately my tv is permanently on ABC kids.

It’s been a while since I’ve done newborn baby – what have I missed??


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