32 weeks – the weekend we got flooded in in Iluka

A nice family holiday before bubs arrives seemed like such a nice idea 2 months ago when we organised it. We invited friends (who also have a little 8 month old) for a weekend of beaching, fishing, swimming in the pool, playing board games and the little ones keeping each other entertained!

A week out and the weather forecast was looking grim. Rain and more rain.. But how bad could it be? The weather man is never right. It should have been a sign when the road to the best little bit of beach was closed as we drove into town.

Anyway let’s just say there was a fair bit of rain, no beach and a freezing pool (oh and a million mozzies). But, plenty of board games, really good local coffee and a couple of pram walks between showers.

A mini cyclone overnight on Friday and a seemingly beautiful day back on the gold coast (thanks social media for letting us know) made us decide to leave early Sunday to get back home and try for a beach day back at home. Cars all packed, a friendly neighbour let us know the roads were cut off. Pfft he must be exaggerating. Umm he wasn’t.. About 500ml of water across iluka rd and we watched a car try to cross it and completely drown his car. We were not going home.


Here is the silver lining. The lovely owner of the Blue Beach house was totally understanding and let us have an emergency night of accommodation at no extra cost. What a legend! Not quite sure what we would have done otherwise with two little ones. The boys checked on the road a couple more times later in the day but it still wasn’t safe to cross. So babies went to bed and we had another night of board games.. Where I finally won a game of Ticket to Ride phew! (umm I hadn’t won a game of anything all weekend.. it was a sad state of affairs)

We tried the road again first thing Monday and the water had gone down so much that we could see the lane markings. Unfortunately a cop showed up and decided to block anyone leaving. If we didn’t get out of town at low tide we thought we may be stuck in town all week with more bad weather forecast. Meanwhile I’ve been getting Braxton hicks all weekend and I start to have visions of going into labour early in a tiny town without my midwife. Probably irrational, this kid is probably going to make me wait until 41 weeks!

We had a great breakfast at the laneway cafe, Miles spent half an hour on the phone making friends with a council worker, trying to get the road reopened so we could get out of dodge. More hours waiting in line at the closed road with Milla Plum in the car being entertained by Sarah & Duck.. I seriously don’t know what we’d do without that iPad! Miles and a mob of people tried to talk the cop out of the way, but we were turned away again.

Losing hope, we made plans for the girls to take the kids on the ferry to Yamba and get picked up by Miles’ parents. Luckily it didn’t come to that and all of Miles’ little chats with his council friend paid off when he called and said he would sneak us through! We drove back up and the road had just opened and people were slowly being let through. Hurrah!

So some people might like being stuck on holiday. I, however, don’t seem to like being stuck anywhere that I can’t leave (especially while pregnant and with a toddler going stir crazy in a non-baby-proofed house). I should never go on a cruise. And I think that is probably the last holiday we’ll be taking for quite some time.

Pissing down. But a small break so we could go out for coffee and see a dog paddle boarding
A rare bit of sunshine on Sunday to take babies and bump for a walk!
milla jas
Milla with her little buddy Jasper. Practising being a big sister 🙂
milla and duck 2
Just so much Duck

We didn’t get out of the house a whole lot but here are a couple of links to places we liked in Iluka!

The Laneway Cafe
Bundjalung Surf Cafe – also really cute surf wear. I was very restrained but now wish I had bought something. Heaps of cute dresses!

Pizza and coffee
Sumthn Tastee

Iluka Blue Beach House – gorgeous little house that sleeps up to 8. Awesome location and has everything you need! Except a bath.. babies were bathed in a tub we happened to have in the car haha. Also the owner is a legend who let us stay an extra night when we were stuck in town at no extra charge. Definitely worth a look at this place 🙂Board games you really should play
Ticket to Ride
Zombie Dice
Camel Cup
Isle of Skye
Settlers of Catan

2 thoughts on “32 weeks – the weekend we got flooded in in Iluka

  1. I lolled at this bit… can just imagine how shirty you would have been 😉 xxx
    Where I finally won a game of Ticket to Ride phew! (umm I hadn’t won a game of anything all weekend.. it was a sad state of affairs)


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