Taking Stock – 31 March

This post is inspired by Pip Lincolne. Just a little insight into life for us right now. 6 weeks until baby!

DOING: Multi tasking – blogging, instagramming, watching Netflix, relaxing.

HEARING: The crazy windy weather outside due to the cyclone.

LOOKING: Forward to Easter – a long weekend with family and my midwife appointment where we’ll get to have a scan to see if baby’s head is down!

DRINKING: Water, so much water. At least one coffee a day too.

EATING: A chunky meat pie because: pregnant.

COOKING: Nothing very exciting at the moment. A severe lack of energy has me cooking really simple dinners but I’ll be starting to stock the freezer soon with dinners to get us through those first few weeks with newborn.

WANTING: To sleep horizontally, on my stomach, without reflux for about 24 hours straight.

DISLIKING: I’m pretty over this bad weather at the moment. Although I can’t complain, we’ve been so lucky to have no flooding or damage in the recent storm.

PLAYING: Being a sore, pregnant lady I’ll admit I haven’t been great on the play front. But there has been lots of drawing, playing with blocks, reading and just being silly with little Plum.

ENJOYING: Netflix! It’s quite addictive the way it just starts the next episode for you.

WATCHING: The Killing currently. Just finished Downton Abby, How to Make a Murderer and we’re in the middle of the current season of Homeland.

READING: I don’t get a lot of time to read these days (correction: I do sometimes get time to read but please refer back to the last two points re: Netflix.. Priorities)

LOVING: My family. My husband who looks after when I’m sick and has been taking over so much while I’ve been getting big and sore and struggling to get around. He’s a bloody champion. And my little Milla Plum who delights me and tests my patience every day. I could cuddle her all day long if only she would let me.

BUYING: Baby stuff! Well a few bits and pieces for little boy (we have most of the big things we need) and some things for myself to make myself comfy in those first couple of months – some new clothes, feeding bras, toiletries. Kmart, I’m coming for you.

DECIDING: On little boy’s name. Well we won’t make the final decision until we meet him but we’re trying to narrow it down plus all of his middle names (Milla has three middle names so… :))

NEEDING: To write a list of all the things I need to get done. When I think there are only 6 weeks to go until the baby arrives, I’m feeling disorganised!

THINKING: About a million things. Mostly in the middle of the night or right before bed so I can’t sleep (like i needed more things hindering my ability to sleep)

PLANNING: On setting up a nice little “nursery corner” in our bedroom. The baby doesn’t technically have a bedroom yet eek. We were planning on losing our guest room but now have plans to build a studio in the backyard for our office (we both work from home) so that bubba can have our current office which is next door to Plum 🙂

WEARING: Soft pants and comfy t-shirts. If I don’t leave the house, I’m often in pyjamas all day..

CRAVING: Getting my body back. I’m not a great pregnant person, I really struggle to enjoy all of the aches and pains, feeling uncomfortable and feeling like I’m not quite myself.

SAVOURING: In saying all that, I’m trying to be good and savour my last 6 weeks of pregnancy because I can almost definitely say it will be my last! Crazy to think this is the last month and a half I’ll experience little baby kicks and that precious time when it’s just me and baby. Apparently I can’t make up my mind how I feel about being pregnant hehe

FEELING: Achy, emotional, tired, excited, optimistic. Lots of baby kicks and tumble turning. Oh and Braxton Hicks contractions. All. The. Time (hoping that means baby might like to leave my body a little bit early? Please?)

H xx

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