Natural labour starters

Otherwise known as 38 weeks pregnant: Get Baby Out!

I’m writing to you from the land of “severe pelvic pain, Braxton hicks, violent kicks, reflux hell, this baby is about to fall out, I’m just so over it” 38 weeks pregnant. And there are still technically 2 weeks to go. Lord help me if I go late.

I’m getting lots of twinges and some period pain cramping, and baby is so low down now I just feel very heavy and all the pressure is on my lady bits. Having been induced early last pregnancy, I don’t know what it’s like to spontaneously go into labour. So every little twinge I’m hopeful that labour is beginning.. but it’s not. Most of yesterday I had an anxious feeling because I was sure something was about to start. But it didn’t.

On top of this, I’m also feeling like a crap mum. Energy levels: non-existent. Mobility and strength: very low. Patience: dwindling. General mood and perkiness: on the downward slide.

I’m so ready for this baby boy to be out. So I thought we should talk natural labour starters!

Pineapple – I’m currently eating my way through a whole pineapple which is causing havoc with the reflux but it’s worth a try. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which is supposed to soften your cervix and bring in labour (the same enzyme is found in sperm so really sex is probably a better option at this stage eek). I’ve read that you actually need to eat about 100 pineapples for this to work but I’m still trying!

Spicy food – Hell on the reflux. But the reflux is awful anyway so it’s really worth a try too. If only I had any appetite at the moment. Baby is sitting on all my internal organs and I feel full all the time ugh. I did feel hungry enough for a spicy green chicken curry last night however I am still, in fact, pregnant. This one is looking dubious too sadly.

Raspberry leaf tea – I drank this quite a bit last pregnancy as it’s supposed to prime the uterus and get it fit for labour. I’m not a huge fan of the taste so haven’t had any this time (second baby syndrome). Definitely try it if you’re a tea drinker!

Pumping – I’m getting the old breast pump out for cleaning and I’m going to see if some pumping gives my body the idea we’re ready! (The pump and I are old mates, surely she’ll help me out?)

Fit ball – I used this heaps last time but I’ve been a bit lazy so far. Time to start bouncing. Baby down and out!

Walking – I usually walk about 3-4  times per week but haven’t as much due to my hip pain. I feel like that pain has started to move a little as the baby has descended this week. Time to get back out! (Also try walking up and down stairs or going for a wheel barrow ride on a bumpy road? Haha)

Sex – I’m so uncomfortable right now it’s the last thing I feel like. But it has all sorts of benefits for preparing you for labour. I’m keen to give it a go but I’m so sore and tired! We’ll see!

Stretch and sweep – About as comfortable as it sounds! You can ask your midwife to give you a s&s once you’re full term, although they may suggest waiting till you’re past your due date. It’s a little painful and it doesn’t always work but depends how desperate you are. I had one at 39 weeks 1 day last time, and found out I was 1-2cm dilated and a good candidate for induction. Not sure if it would have worked as I ended up being induced the next day. Have a Google and see what you think.

If you have any other ideas please let me know! And think positive, labour inducing thoughts for me!

xx H

37 weeks
Check out the size difference! No wonder I’ve been in heaps more pain this time! Time to start putting bets on birth weight

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