Taking Stock – 3 May

This post is inspired by Pip Lincolne. Just a little insight into life for us right now. 11 days until baby! Otherwise known as Milla turned 20 months today!

DOING: Updating my business website (check it out: www.hideandcreate.com.au 😉 ) and tweaking the blog while Milla gets to hang out with Nanna

HEARING: Miles tappity tapping on his keyboard

LOOKING: Forward to getting this baby out!

DRINKING: Water and tea and coffee. Although a glass of wine is definitely on the cards as I try and calm my nerves about going through labour again!

EATING: Scones! Thanks Mum 🙂

COOKING: I’ve filled my freezer with bologanise and lasagne etc for the few weeks after baby arrives. I’m so full of baby at the moment that I’m not hungry a lot of the time so more lazy dinners right now.

WANTING: To know when this baby will arrive. There is something to be said for induction or c-section – at least there is no wondering every night if “this will be the night!”

DISLIKING: Being about 14kg heavier than normal. Everything hurts!

PLAYING: Don’t judge me… I’ve been playing Bejewelled on my phone. It’s quite addictive..

ENJOYING: Still Netflix!

WATCHING: I started watching Mad Men but I have to say I didn’t love it like everyone seems to. I’ll probably try and give it another go while up late feeding. I’ve also watched Call the Midwife (not sure it was quite the right time to start this with labour imminent, but I still really liked it), Top of the Lake and now watching Broad Church.

READING: Still not really reading. I’ve barely looking at my birthing skills book so I’m hoping it all just comes flooding back.

LOVING: My family. My bigger family of siblings and all of Milla’s grandparents who are being (who always are) so helpful to me in this time of waiting for baby.

BUYING: So we just bought a sandpit for Milla. Whenever she goes to the park or beach, she’s always digging in the sand or dirt. Hoping this will be a great entertainer when bubba arrives! We’re also thinking of a trampoline so she can use up all of her never-ending energy.

DECIDING: If I’ll go and take a little nap before Milla comes home.

NEEDING: To get this baby out!

THINKING: About labour – how it will start (I’ve spent a couple of nights thinking I was in labour only for the dull period-pain-like cramping to go away by morning), where I’ll be, how long it will take, if everything will go smoothly. I feel like the second time is worse because you know what to expect! Ignorance really is bliss. Also thinking what life will be like with two babies eek! How am I going to do it?

WEARING: Still soft pants and comfy t-shirts. Oh and I discovered this huge nighty which I forgot I had. That with some ugg boots every night.

SAVOURING: The cuddles with Miss Plum while she is still my only baby. She has gotten a bit clingy at bed time and insists on standing up in the cot to get a cuddle before she’ll go to sleep. It’s so sweet. I think she knows something is about to change.

FEELING: Sore, tired, emotionally up and down, lots of kicks and braxton hicks, dull labour pains, excited.
Hopefully next post I will be reporting back about a super smooth, quick labour and a little boy who has taken to breastfeeding like a champ. Wish me luck folks


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