Oh hey there 2018

Hello my friends

I’m back! Full of new years good intentions and bucketfuls of hope that this is the year I smash some business and personal goals and come back from the trenches of being a very new mum to two kids 20 months apart. Realistically, life is still going to be pretty full on with a baby and toddler, but I’m aiming to get back into a bit more design work and personal blogging, as well as focusing on my own health and fitness. The last year has been full on with Dash arriving, moving house and surviving the highs and lows of a very strong willed toddler. But I feel like we are coming through the fog, two thirds of the way through our first year as a family of four.

Milla is in daycare 2 days a week this year and Dash has settled right in. Although I’m still getting up a couple of times a night, he’s pretty good to me with his daytime naps so this year is bound to be more productive right? I think it’s going to come down to being organised so I thought I’d organise some of my thoughts and goals here to keep myself accountable.

Design work – I had a couple of big design accounts/jobs wrap up (and a couple I had to turn down) just before Dash was born (which was a blessing in disguise because juggling them last year would have been hugely stressful) so I’m aiming to put myself out there to find some new clients this year. I really enjoy my design work and putting some more time towards my business will make me appreciate the time I do spend with the kids more. Thank you daycare and grandparents!

Blogging – I really enjoyed the little bit of writing I started on here last year and I just didn’t have a lot of energy at the end of each day to get my laptop out and tap out my thoughts after Dash arrived. So I’m aiming to post at least once a week with my thoughts and experiences on motherhood and life with two young kids on the Gold Coast.

Health and fitness – Before I was pregnant with Milla, I had been doing HIIT style fitness workouts at home and was pretty fit and strong. I’m hoping to gain back that fitness as well as eating less sugar and processed food (I’m currently eating a fingerbun so that part is not going so well so far ha!). I’m going to start a Pilates class, get in some laps in the pool, walk with the kids and do some at home work outs. Hopefully I can Milla involved as she seems to have endless energy!

Day-to-day – I spent a lot of time on the couch and just bumming around home last year, which was nice to spend a lot of down time with the kids (it was pretty much all I had energy for) but it didn’t make me feel that great – I felt like I would get to the end of each day having achieved nothing. This year I plan to make a list of daily/weekly goals each night/week to stay organised and get out of this slump – nothing like the satisfaction of ticking things off a list! These will mostly be pretty basic but it will help me to get off my butt! E.g. stacking and unstacking dishwasher first thing, putting on a load of washing a day so it doesn’t pile up, going for a walk, organising one activity for the kids on non-daycare days (park/dance class for Plum/visiting grandparents), one hour of blogging or design work, baking healthy snacks, unpacking boxes and getting the house organised (yes we’re still unpacking 5 months later..).

So that’s probably plenty of goals to be working towards, I’m aiming pretty high I think. Realistically I’ll be lucky if I keep everyone alive but the new year is a clean slate and full of hope. Lets do this 2018!

I’ll see you back here soon – I promise!


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