The things I’ve learnt about motherhood

There are literally thousands of things that could go on this list but this is all that my sleep deprived brain could manage right now. And nobody likes a long winded post do they? Let’s call it part 1 and to be continued.

1/  You can survive for months on very little and broken sleep. But after a while it will break you. Ask for help. A solid 5 hours in a row semi-regularly does wonders for your state of mind.

2/  The importance of your pelvic floor. Protect it. Do your exercises. And see a women’s health physio to check you’re doing them effectively. No matter how you gave birth and even if you have no issues, do your exercises! You’ll thank yourself later.

3/  That my mum is amazing and strong and selfless. And maybe that’s because she’d just do anything to make her kids happy and their lives a little easier. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) do motherhood without her. I hope Plum and Dash love me as much as I love her.

4/  Motherhood will point a spotlight on your flaws. Impatience, a short fuse under stress. But your kids will forgive you (even when you have an adult sized tantrum about another refused dinner), so be kind to yourself. Everyone is learning.

5/  Motherhood will break your heart into a million pieces. And put it back together, just not quite the same way. Your heart will swell up bigger than you thought possible and explode with love (and out your eyeballs). What a roller coaster we’re on.

6/  Oh you will cry. A lot. When you’re happy, sad, anxious, frustrated, proud and in love with your tiny humans

7/  You can spend ages dreaming about some me-time away from your kids and as soon as you get it, you miss them like crazy and spend all the time looking at photos of them. It’s like some weird form of parenting bipolar (but totally normal from what I’ve learned)

8/  Motherhood is a fuckload harder when you feel like you’re all alone. Text (not call obviously, I don’t use my phone for that 😂) your mum, sister, husband, best friend or your friendly Insta mum friends and tell them how little sleep you got last night.

9/  Your body won’t feel like your own or quite like yourself for quite a while. But you will again. And be kind when you talk to it, it created and grew an actual human. It’s kind of amazing ❤

10/  Re toddlers: pick your battles 😂 lest you spend your day in constant power struggles.

11/  One more bonus – I never realised how much I like being alone in a quiet house or going to the toilet by myself until I became a mum. Sometimes a cup of tea (or a wee) by yourself is just heaven.


2 thoughts on “The things I’ve learnt about motherhood

  1. So well said Heidi! I agree with every single point. You brought a tear to my eye talking about your Mum, I feel the same about mine ❤️ I’d love Lucia to meet Plum and Dash, sounds like the girls have a lot in common. Lots of love xxx


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