What’s in a name?

I don’t know about you, but I love hearing the stories behind people’s names and the reasons they chose certain names for their kids. For instance, my dad read the book “Heidi” when he was a little boy and always knew he’d name his daughter Heidi after the character that he loved. Granted he had to have four sons before he got a girl but that’s neither here nor there.

So today I thought I’d give you the run down on Plum and Dash, how they got these names and why on earth do they have four names each.

Milla & Dash

Milla Plum Martali Charlotte

Milla ❤ For most of the time that I was pregnant, Milla was called Olive as her waiting name. But I was actually becoming quite attached to the name as the months went on, so much so that it became a real contender. We also really liked Astrid (a character in our favourite tv show Fringe). It wasn’t until about a week before she was born that we watched one of all time fave movies again (Dazed & Confused, starring Milla Jovovich in one of her tiniest movie roles ever) that Milla came into my mind as a name (and actress) I’d always liked. When Milla arrived into the world, she was so tiny and pretty and sweet that Astrid just seemed like too strong a name. We were still tossing up whether to keep her name as Olive as she had been for 9 months but ultimately went with a cute, female version of Miles (and she is 🙂 )

Plum ❤ Ok this one does not have as much of a story. A blogger I used to follow had a daughter called Milla Plum and I always thought it was so cute. Once we decided on Milla, we decided to add Plum next to it. And really, I mostly call her Plum.

Martali ❤ Refer back to the intro – I was named after a storybook character and in the book Heidi had twins. Her daughter was called Martali. Obviously this is what my Dad calls Milla 🙂

Charlotte ❤ This name is for Miles’ Nan. Milla was conceived just after her funeral and was born exactly 9 months to the day that she died. We felt there was a supernatural, cosmic circle of life thing going on. In fact, as soon as we found out I was pregnant, I knew in my heart that it was a girl. Elaine Charlotte left the world and Milla Plum Martali Charlotte arrived.

Dashiell Quinn Rupert Jamie

Dashiell ❤ Our little boy was always Dashiell. We discovered the name in an episode of Fringe (seriously guys if you haven’t watched this show, you must). It was a character in only one episode but it stuck with us. It isn’t super common but there are a few around and I think it is becoming more popular. It’s often mispronounced (you don’t need to pronounce any of the vowels after Dash: so it’s pretty much Dash’ll) but I love the way the spelling looks. And we figure he’ll mostly be called Dash anyway. We were tossing up for a little while if we’d actually use Rupert as his first name, but as soon as he was in my arms I knew he was Dash.

Quinn ❤ Quinn is my mum’s maiden name. Mum is one of three girls who married and changed their names so I wanted to continue the name into another generation. Also it’s just an awesome name! Lastly, it is also after a character from Homeland – Peter Quinn.

Rupert ❤ Refer to that last point – Peter Quinn in Homeland was played by Rupert Friend and I’m a bit obsessed (we watched a lot of Homeland while I was pregnant).

Jamie ❤ Dash’s fourth name is named for my sister, who is my best friend. I also just love this name for a boy.

Why do they have so many names? I have asked myself that same question when on the phone to births deaths and marriages about a birth certificate. But mostly it is because Miles and I both have more than one middle name. I have two and Miles has three. But also, we only plan on having two kids and wanted to use all the names that we liked! They’re probably going to hate us when they are adults filling out forms. Soz kidlets!

Is there a story behind your kids’ names? How did you choose them? I have a friend who used a spreadsheet system to narrow it down. Tell me your naming story!

xx H

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