Dash is 9 months old!

Ok he’s actually a lot closer to 10 months now but I started writing this a month ago and I’ve been too busy to put this post up! But here it is, better late than never..

It seems crazy to me that there are only a couple of months till my little boy is one. ONE! The first year of Milla’s life went really slowly for me, but Dash’s babyhood is flying by. I’m excited to see him grow and learn new skills but he is such an sweet little bubba that I kinda don’t want him to grow up too. This is such an awesome age. So here is a little update on what little Dashi Q / Dashi Poo / Pork Chop / Chop / Chuppa Chup / Dash / Dashiell Quinn is up to.

As you know we finished up breastfeeding at 8 months and he’s loving his bottles. He also eats almost everything we’ve given him to eat. He loves greek yoghurt and banana for breakfast, he’ll eat any mashed up veg that I’ve made him but we also use a lot of baby food pouches because convenience. We’re trying to get him on a bit more finger food now although I have a fear of choking so haven’t tried too much. He has done pretty well with vegemite toast though and thankfully does not seem to have any nut allergies – yay peanut butter!

Dash hasn’t shown too much interest in rolling or crawling. He sits up like a legend and can lean over really far to grab toys and sit back up. But put him on his tummy and he just whinges as he thinks he’s stuck. Roll over Dash! Haha I’m looking forward to when he realises he can roll so he can sleep on his stomach as I think he’ll sleep better that way. He has just in the last month started to scooch along the floor on his butt by pushing off on his feet and travelling backwards which is so cute. And if I put him into crawl position on his knees he now doesn’t collapse straight away but is still not moving anywhere yet. Plum crawled at 9.5 months so he may be similar! Update: he has started leaning so far over for toys that he’s getting himself into crawling position by himself but still no forward movement. I think crawling will be more like 10 months – he’s so close!

And as for sleep – well it’s up and down. He settles himself to sleep – I literally put him in his cot, give him a kiss and leave him there awake. He plays around for a bit then puts his arm over his head and goes to sleep. It’s amazing, especially after having Plum who we rocked to sleep every time! He’ll usually do 1.5-2 hour naps (we’re now on just 2 naps a day unless he woke up ridiculously early) and goes to bed between 530-630 depending on his last nap of the day. He can sleep through to 11/12ish and will have a bottle and then it just varies. Last night he had a bottle at 1030 and only slept through till 220am. I tried to do a resettle but it only lasted 40 mins until he was awake again so I gave him a bottle and he slept through until 7am. The night before he had an 11pm bottle and slept through until 445am, had another bottle, and slept till 730am. So look it’s not actually too bad, but I’ve been getting out of bed throughout the night for 9 months and I’m tired! We really just need him to learn to look for his dummy and put it back in because he can’t fall asleep without it seemingly. It could be another few months of broken sleep. Update: we’ve now had two nights in a row where he has only woken once around 230am for a bottle and back to sleep. No other dummy resettling! I don’t have my hopes up that he’s suddenly an amazing night time sleeper but it has been a nice reprieve 😉

Some of the dodgy sleep is due to teething I’m sure. He now has 4 teeth! The bottom two came in around 7.5 months (same as Plum!) and the two either side of the front two have just poked through. No two front middle teeth yet but they’re sure to be not far behind.

Around 6 months Dash started clapping which was the cutest thing. He’d be lying in his cot and we’d suddenly hear a little round of applause through the monitor! In the last couple of months or so we can say “Dashi, can you show us your clapping?” and he understands and starts clapping, looking very pleased with himself. 🙂

It seems that Dash may be a super social little creature just like Plum. He loves being out in the world and at social events where there are lots of people to look at and conversations to watch. He’s super inquisitive and wins everyone over with his gorgeous smile and super chilled out attitude. However he does sometimes get a bit scared of new faces and burst into tears but it only happens occasionally so i’m not sure why. It’s actually pretty cute.

Dash is the sweetest, most chill little dude and I’m such a sucker for his big smile, those dimples, the way his hair is growing in a cow lick and the big cuddles he gives me. His little face lights up when he sees me and I just feel so lucky that this little boy was chosen for me. He has treated me very well these past almost 10 months, I can’t imagine my life without him. He and Plum are such good friends, they adore each other which is the best reward for all our hard work and sleepless nights (although I’d be very happy if he would just sleep now ;))

I think I need to start thinking about his 1st birthday party?!!


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