Milla is two and a half years old!

Two and a half years of being a mum! Crazy how quickly it has gone (and at times very slowly). My last update was at 18 months old – I really must write these more regularly because although the last year has flown, it also seems like a lifetime ago. So here is the full update on my little Plum at two and a half.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: there is a very beautiful, old soul in this little girl. She has been here before and I’m sure she is in touch with some of the beautiful souls that have gone before her in this world (some of the things she comes out with are amazingly intuitive and insightful). She is intelligent beyond her years, more empathetic than you can imagine, independent, fiery, funny, crazy, brave and quirky. I talk about Dash being my easy baby which is not meant to be a negative towards Milla Plum – she is the one who challenges me to be a better person and a better mum, to look my own quirks and flaws in the face and grow along side her. She makes me laugh, cry, scream with frustration and feel so proud every day.

What is life like with a 2.5 year old you ask? A rollercoaster! Haha I go from being besotted with her to completely infuriated and frustrated in the space of a minute. Milla has a very low threshold for frustration and I think I know where she got it from.. Eek!

You all know about our sleep dramas which have gotten heaps better, but we still have little regressions when she is super overtired on days she decides not to nap. On the whole, she is a good sleeper once she is asleep which I’m actually really thankful for, especially while we’ve been getting up multiple times a night to a baby for the past 10 months. And the cot has been officially moved out so we are big girl bed all the way now!

Milla Plum can also be a bit of a pain in the arse to feed. She rejects so much food that I offer her that these days I just offer what I know she’ll eat. She is not keen on vegetables but eats pretty much any fruit, so that’s something! She loves yoghurt, cheese, milk, eggs (Dairy Queen? ;)) The only meat she’ll touch are sausages because she can dip them in sauce. She’s got a sweet tooth and loves a pastry like her mumma; she’ll also do pretty well on a nibbly platter of cheese, dip and crackers. Most dinners she ends up having some form of breakfast food – porridge, weetbix, toast, fruit and yoghurt or an omelette. She is a grazer and really just snacks on small amounts all day. I try to keep her fed as well as I can without starting a power struggle or stressing too much about it these days. And top her up with a multi-vitamin for anything that she’s missing in food.

We’re big fans of screen time in this house and Plum is no exception. I know some people frown on it, but you tell me how to keep a toddler entertained all day without it? There are only so many craft activities, bouncing on the trampoline, tea parties, hide and seek, dance classes and play dates you can do. After that you fill in the rest of your time with Sarah and Duck and Hey Duggee. Honestly, the stuff that comes out of Plum’s mouth is amazing – she learns so much from tv! Sarah and Duck is supposedly aimed at 4 year olds but she’s been obsessed since she was one and has a lot of the dialogue memorised.

That’s the other thing – her memory. She forgets nothing! And with all of the story time that is required before she’ll sleep at night, she has a lot of her books memorised and will “read them to her gang”. It’s the most delightful thing to listen to. Side note: the gang consists of Snoop Dog, Drew Bunnymore, Cat Stevens and Duck. She can recite “The Green Sheep”, “Slinky Malinky” and many of the Hairy McClary books.. anything that has good rhyme and rhythm.

Milla is at daycare now two days a week and loving it. Because there is a 40 year old woman stuck inside her little body, she obviously gets along best with the teachers. She gives them all a big hug when she sees them and chats away to them. Her favourite thing at school is playing music and dancing and she loves “home corner” where she plays tea parties.

I’ve mentioned so many times how amazing her speaking skills have become over the last year. She just amazes me every day with the conversations we have, the insights she has and the way she is cheeky and can make me laugh. We still have days where she can’t express in words how she’s feeling which frustrates her (and me!) but I try to remind myself she is only two and still so little. She just seems so much more grown up. Her current catchphrase is “I can do it myself!”

She has a few little friends (although I really don’t know about her daycare friends) – Ayla (and her mum Bronnie obviously) and Jasper (and Morgan and Jarry – the adults are her friends too you see). But her best friend is little Dash. She can’t wait for Dash to be able to walk around and play with her – to be honest, I’m pretty excited for them to play together too. She’s so caring towards him and I think she really loves him. And his face lights up and he giggles whenever she is around being her crazy self.

Some of Plum’s favourite things – the park, drawing, painting, lego, puzzles, trampolining, the beach, her grandparents, play dates with friends, school, jazz ballet classes, stories, musical instruments (mostly anything that can be turned into a drum!), umbrellas, torches, tv, her iPad, “helping” me in the kitchen (she can do it herself!), playing catch (she’s actually really good at it – considering swapping ballet for a sport?!), jumping, walking and running (she never stops), hoola hoops, skipping, Aunty Jam & Uncle Dave & Tully and of course her own little family.

So we have frustrating, tantrum-filled, sleep-rejecting days occasionally (sometimes too often) but life at two and a half is pretty good. It’s a delight to know this little human who is actually pretty amazing and an awesome little mate. Thankful every day for this little girl Milla, who made me a mum ❤


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