Taking Stock – 4th April 2018 Edition

I’ve been a little bit quiet on the blog lately, basically because I’ve been too busy! In my spare moments between #mumlife I’ve been trying to devote my time to my design business which has actually been pretty busy the last month.This is awesome but it’s a real juggle doing the “work from home mum” thing. It’s the dream to work from home isn’t it? I know I fantasised about it when doing a 9-5 job, pre-kids. But the reality is that you’re just working it around being a servant to tiny humans – working during a one hour synchronised nap or staying up late to get the job done. How do we find a balance?

I think the fact is I’m struggling to balance it all.. but maybe that’s ok. I’m so keen to “do it all” but that most likely means I can’t do it all at the same time. And I’m going to have to learn to be happy with that and do what I can. I’m also trying to figure out what I want to create here on the blog. Mum bloggers are a dime a dozen – I have to find what I can bring to the table or at least a direction. I seem to have lost my mojo!

So for now I thought I’d do a little life update post for those playing along. The last one I did was when I was still pregnant – a whole year ago! So I think it’s time. And when I get my blogging mojo back you’ll be the first to know ha!

DOING: Just designed a postcard, updated instagram and now doing some blog updates. Trying to squeeze in a million things into my 1.5 hour Dash nap.
HEARING: Power tools in the distance, wind in the trees, birds chirping. It’s quite nice working from the kitchen bench with all the windows open. Ok now I can hear Dash making noises.. Ok update, looks like he’s put himself back to sleep. Kid can snooze.
LOOKING: Forward to our Thredbo ski trip – sans children! It’s only 5 months away but who’s counting?
DRINKING: My second coffee (elixir of life)
EATING: I had overnight oats with yoghurt and berries for breakfast which is keeping me full. I may have to partake in a chocolate egg pretty soon though
COOKING: Just the usual dinners etc and I’m trying to make smoothies every day. Miles made an awesome pad thai last night. Thanks Marian!
WANTING: Like a week to myself to catch up on housework, go to Pilates classes, binge watch tv shows, take long baths, drink wine. Just feel like I’m chasing my tail at the moment!
DISLIKING: Ants. Fucking ants I tell ya. The pest man is coming back AGAIN tomorrow because they just won’t go away.
PLAYING: Hide & seek (always) and a little Mario Kart over the weekend. And a couple of board games as well!
WATCHING: Just so many shows. We recently got through Outlander, Poldark and now I’ve just started Peaky Blinders. Finally finished Call the Midwife also. And Mad Men (again) in between all of that.
ENJOYING: Netflix obvs. And how well Dash naps 😉
READING: Mama Disrupt – my Christmas present magazine subscription started arriving and I’ve only managed to flick through it a couple of times. If I had my holiday week I might be able to finish it! If you’re a mama, definitely check this mag out  🙂
LOVING: Pilates classes – when I get to them! I really need to get back there as I’ve been slack. But I just started this year and really loving it.
BUYING: Trying to buy very little. See earlier – Thredbo trip – almost need to take out a second mortgage 😉
NEEDING: To organise Dash’s 1st birthday party! It’s probably going to be pretty simple with just family and a couple of friends. I almost thought about being lazy and skipping a party – but I think Dash would actually love a party so…
DECIDING: I’ll have to decide on a cake for Dash. I was thinking of a planet cake.. or really, I guess.. I mean it’s just a circle. Am I bad mom? Haha.
THINKING: About all the things I need to do. I must write a list.
PLANNING: A little holiday with my girlfriends from Sydney (plus husbands and kids). Haven’t actually figured anything out yet but I’ll get there.
WEARING: Shorts and singlet. Can the weather cool down already? It’s April FFS
CRAVING: Pudding.. Sticky date pudding or Christmas pudding. Something with custard
SAVOURING: My baby days with Dash. Can’t believe there is just over a month until he’s one. Does that means he’s not a baby anymore? :`(
FEELING: Pretty content actually. Dash is almost 11 months old and Plum is just over 2.5 years old. The first 4 months of two kids was really fucking hard. So many days spent in tears. But for the past few months life has been so much easier and I almost feel like I have things under control. Maybe it’s because Dash is down to just one wake up a night so I’m giddy with all the extra sleep. But life is good my friends.

Till next time xx

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