Commonwealth games fun

So you may be aware that the Commonwealth Games are currently being held in Australia’s greatest city 😉 on the Gold Coast. Miles and I had tickets to the hockey over the weekend and it was such a fun day. It may be because we had a rare kid-free morning together (thanks Mum for looking after the kids :)) or maybe because we were drinking beer at 11am? But honestly it was so great to get amongst the spirit of the games.

There has been a lot of talk about the government scaring people into leaving town, saying if you don’t need to be on the roads to stay off them. This has led to a bit of a ghost town – people have left the coast while the games are on and businesses are losing money. It’s actually a little bit sad, but I think this often happens when a big event is on. We were living in Sydney when the 2000 Olympics was on and everyone was talking about leaving town. Meanwhile back in games-town, everyone was having the best time. There was a good mood in the air, volunteers were cheerful and happy to chat and everyone was in such good spirits. I feel like the same has happened here and I’m so glad I got to be surrounded by it all again.

Unfortunately Miles and I haven’t been able to get to a whole lot of events due to the kids’ age (2.5 years and 11 months is not ideal for sitting still at a sporting event) but we were happy to get to the hockey together (Miles used to play hockey for NSW so it brought back a lot of memories watching his games). The cycling race also goes past the bottom of our street and I was able to take the kiddies to see a few bikes go past with all the neighbours cheering as competitors rode past. I’ve also just loved seeing all the familiar sights of my adopted home town on the tv – the green scenery around Currumbin, the beach at Cooly, the views of the city and beach at the open-air Olympic pool. Gold Coast you are looking amazing! So proud to call this beautiful place home.

Commonwealth event at the bottom of your street anyone?


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