I’m Heidi and I became a Mumma over 2 years ago to little Milla Plum (well technically if you count my fur babies I’ve been a mum for 7 years. But lets stick to human offspring for now). And for the last 8 months I have been living the crazy whirlwind that is two under two with the arrival of our little boy Dashiell.

I’m married to Miles and we’ve recently moved back up to the Gold Coast from just over the border in NSW. Miles works from home and I freelance as a graphic designer in between mumlife. So we’re super lucky to be at home together most days.

You’ll find here my occasional ramblings about #mumlife which I’ve usually typed up in Notes on my phone in the spare moments between keeping two small humans alive, running a design business, being a wifey and maintaining a low standard of domestic goddess-ness. I am sustained by coffee to counteract years of sleep deprivation and wine to stop me completely losing my shit parenting two small people 20 months apart!

So get yourself a cup of something hot and caffeinated or a crispy glass of bubbles and happy reading! xx